Friday, November 6, 2009

Thanks, gracias, grazie...and a couple of shout outs.

So, my Tel Aviv series has been getting a lot of coverage lately online, and I wanted to thank the various people who've taken an interest in my work. First up is the grandaddy of all photography blogs, Conscientious. As many of you know, Jorg Colberg ran his own portfolio competition earlier this fall, and as part of the benefit of participating he's been featuring selected portfolios on his blog. Check out also the interviews he did with the 3 winners, Bradley Peters, Lydia Panas and David Wright. Excellent work all around.

Next up, the Italian site Urbanautica. This site regularly showcases new work dealing with the landscape as a social construct. In their own words, it's "a research project on photography and human landscapes. Dealing with studies on urban and industrial sociology lead us to the idea of a website, without commercial purposes, that tries to bring back people’s looks on the “ways of doing” territories. A sailing by sight, a trip around ideas, people, and what makes them part of nature, and the world." It's run by Steve Bisson and Andrea Filippin, and they publish their short essays and interviews in both italian and english. Lots of good urban landscape photography to look at, much of it from often overlooked parts of the globe.

Alejandro Cartagena is a Mexican photographer whose work has been getting lots of recognition recently (Critical Mass Top 50 and Book Nominee, Lishui Festival, Fotofest International Discoveries, Aperture Portfolio HM, and probably a couple more I'm unaware of: see this blog post over at Flat File for more details). So, first of all, FELICIDADES ALEJANDRO!!! Wow, what an impressive run of achievements. Anyway, I met Ale through facebook and he was kind enough to write a short piece about my Tel Aviv series on his blog. I love the Joe Deal and Lee Friedlander photos he chose to 'hang' next to mine, so we're definitely on the same wavelength. Oh, it's in spanish only btw.

Just a couple more thank you's, first to Exposure Compensation for the nice write up, and to the italian blog click_blog_it for the same. I loved their 'poetica dell'asfalto' description of my work, "Poetics of Asphalt" indeed.

I also recently became a member of an online gallery for emerging contemporary artists, Culturehall. I love the fact that it's cross-disciplinary, so you can see a huge variety of up and coming art from practically every type of media (they do video too). Membership is by invitation or application, so if you're interested definitely apply, you'll be in good company. I found out about Culturehall through Tema Stauffer's blog, an excellent photographer who's also one of their curators. Here's her write up on her most recently curated show up on Culturehall currently.

Her own photography is most definitely worth checking out too, as she's as adept at moody American landscapes as at portraiture.

Two of my favorite landscape photographers, Lois Conner and Steve Smith currently have work up on a show, Of Land, curated by +Kris Graves Projects in NYC. If you have a chance, definitely stop by, some of the most interesting landscape photography on exhibit right now. I'll be doing a review of Steve's work shortly, so stay tuned, but here's a taste of what he does.

More to come on Steve's work, and thanks again to everyone for the interest in my work.